Pointing Your Domain

In order to use custom domains (only available on paid accounts), you must first setup a CNAME record which points to boo.haunted.io (for a root domain, you may use an A record instead pointing to but the address may change in the future). Haunted will not allow the creation of custom domain powered blogs if this record has not been setup beforehand. In the current version, it is not possible to add custom domain names after a blog has been launched.

Uploading Themes

Presently you can upload custom themes via SFTP, directly into the themes directory of your Ghost instance. From within the console, click on 'Add Themes', after which a screen will display the login credentials to access the themes directory.

Uploading Plugins

Plugin uploads are not currently supported. We may be able to add custom plugins for you on a per plugin basis.


While Ghost is still pre version 1.0, you are able to upgrade your blog via the Upgrade button in the console. This will migrate your content/themes/database to a fresh copy of the latest stable version of Ghost.

Please note that this may break your blog. If you contact support within a short window, we may be able to roll the upgrade back.

The currently supported version of Ghost is 0.7.1.